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P Diddy has Security Blanket?

A mole has informed us that ahead of his appearance on the Graham Norton show, P Diddy was surrounded by a vast entourage and a very special blanket, with which he was using to rest. But his attachment to the blanket became startlingly obvious when upon leaving the TV studios, he spat the mother of all mentals when he couldn't find it...

Frantic and hysterical telephone calls were made to the production office and members of his entourage were immediately dispatched back to the studios like some secret undercover operation in search of it.

Our mole has insisted that people's jobs were on the line if P Diddy's blanky wasn't found and returned safely to him. His petrified driver even told production staff that he would be sacked if Diddy's comforter wasn't eventually found.

Luckily for all of P Diddy's staff, and P Diddy, and his blanky, it was eventually found in his dressing room where it had been all along...


Come on, we've all been there (about three decades ago).

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