Outrage Over Black Actress Cast as ‘Annie' (Video)


Oscar-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis has been cast as the lead in a film remake of "Annie."

The film also stars Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks (Daddy Warbucks), and Cameron Diaz is Miss Hannigan, who is more comical than scary, notes US Magazine (video below).

While remakes are always risky, many of the responses on Twitter have been downright racist.

Blogger Matthew Elliot noted many of the nastier responses posted by people on Twitter on his Storify.com page:

I don't like this remake of Annie. There can't be a black Annie.

Just seen new Annie trailer. Don't mean to sound racist as it does look amazing. But WHY THE F--- IS ANNIE BLACK?! Should be ginger & white


They are remaking Annie with a black girl. If it's a remake, shouldn't she be white? Just like Annie.

They made a n------ Annie. Why.

How is a black girl playing Annie in the Anne remake? a f------ travesty.

They're redoing the Annie movie and making the little girl black. The f--- gonna be going on next? A black snow white????

A black Annie- really? should we now have a white Aunt Jemima?

Sources: US Magazine and Storify.com


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