Oscars Worried Art Films Will Be Nominated Instead Of Blockbusters?


The Academy of Arts and Sciences is reportedly spending $5.5 million to promote the Feb. 22 Oscars broadcast on ABC-TV.

The ad blitz includes cable, satellite, radio and social media sites, per a report prepared by Haworth Marketing + Media, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

While the Oscars are supposed to honor the finest in filmmaking, that is worrying Haworth, which told the Academy in a Dec. 18, 2014, report, "Predicted nominations focus on art films rather than major blockbusters that have mass appeal."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Haworth also warned about "counterprogramming" such as "The Walking Dead" and "Girls."

The Academy hasn't commented on the report, but last year's host, Ellen DeGeneres, has 37.2 million Twitter followers, while this year's host, Neil Patrick Harris, has 12.6 million followers, which may explain why the ad budget will also target social media.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that $73,000 will be spent on ads for Facebook and Twitter, while $37,000 will be used for Instagram.

According to Indiewire.com, the frontrunners for the Best Picture Oscar in 2015 are "Boyhood," "Birdman" and "The Imitation Game," which have all been nominated by the Golden Globes, Critics Choice and SAG (best cast).

Sources: Indiewire.com, The Hollywood Reporter / Image Credit: Greg in Hollywood (Greg Hernandez)


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