Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts to Star in 'Human Centipede 3' Film

"Human Centipede" and "Human Centipede 2" are notorious horror films that feature naked people being sewn to each other, anus to mouth, to create a living human centipede (videos below).

The ghoulish films have been ridiculed, parodied and derided for their disgusting shock value, but that doesn't seen to bother Oscar nominee ("Runaway Train") Eric Roberts who has signed on to appear in “Human Centipede 3.”

Eric is the brother of film star Julia Roberts.

Tom Six, the director of the films, has promised that “Human Centipede 3” will make the previous two installments “look like a Disney film.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, it's not clear if Roberts will play one of the unfortunate souls sewn into a 500-person centipede.

Below are the trailers for "Human Centipede" and "Human Centipede 2." Watch them if you dare!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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