Oprah Winfrey Turns Down Invitation To Help Sell Obamacare


According the reports, Oprah Winfrey turned down an invitation from President Obama this summer to come to the White House and help sell Obamacare.

Arguably one of the most powerful women in the world, many assume that Oprah would jump at the chance to take a visit to the White House and support her friend President Obama, but sources told the New York Post that she immediately turned down the offer.

“All of Oprah’s top people thought she would go, because when the president invites you to the White House, most people automatically say yes,” said one of Oprah’s advisers. “But Oprah said she didn’t have the time or inclination to go. It wasn’t like she had to think it over. It was an immediate, flat-out, unequivocal no.”

The New York Post also claims that Winfrey sent a low-level representative from her agency to meet with the President, which was allegedly taken as an insult.

President Obama wanted Oprah to be a part of a meeting that included celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler, and Alicia Keys to discuss how the Affordable Care Act could be publicized to reach more people before it was rolled out. It’s not clear whether her decision to forgo the invitation was due to her views on Obamacare, but it leaves many to wonder if there is a strained relationship between the queen of daytime television and the Obamas.

New York Post reporter Edward Klein claims in his article that the relationship between Oprah and the Obamas is indeed damaged, and that it has to do with hurt feelings on both sides.

“For her part, Oprah doesn’t like being with Michelle, because the first lady is constantly one-upping the president and anybody else around her,” Klein claims a source told him. “Oprah has struck back by banning the Obamas from her O, The Oprah Magazine . . . It probably hurts Oprah more than Obama, who, if he had his head screwed on straight, would have flown to California and begged Oprah to help him save Obamacare. But Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah. She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge.”

Neither the Obama Administration nor Oprah herself has confirmed that any of this is in fact true.


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