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Oprah Winfrey Grills Lindsay Lohan In New Teaser Trailer

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A new teaser trailer of Lindsay Lohan and Oprah Winfrey in her first post-rehab interview premiered online on Sunday night. Winfrey appears to have no reservations and asks Lohan “Are you an addict” and “What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for child star gone wrong?” Lohan’s responses are not shown.

The interview is for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on OWN. The network will follow the 27-year-old actress for an eight-episode docu-series, according to USA Today. The first episode will air Aug. 18. The former Disney star completed her 90 days of rehab last week.

During an interview on Monday on "CBS This Morning," Winfrey said when she sat down with the actress, she felt Lohan was “honest, that she was authentic and that she is ready [for a life change]."

Winfrey said during the interview she asked Lohan what was different about this round of rehab than all the other times the star has been through treatment. Lohan responded the other times she went through rehab were” all forced by the court in order to stay out of jail.”

When asked if Winfrey thought Lohan was being honest about wanting to make a change, she responded, “I believe her.” Winfrey also commented that Lohan “looked good, strong and healthy” and she arrived early for her interview.

Winfrey said the episodes on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” featuring Lohan will examine what it is like “to come out of rehab and put your life back together.”

“I want you to win,” Winfrey said she told the star.

As for now, Lohan is making her way back onto the entertainment scene. Her latest film, “The Canyons,” opened during the weekend. The movie grossed $15,200 in New York City and Los Angeles and is reportedly doing "extremely well" on video-on-demand streaming services, according to Entertainment Weekly. Lohan is also currently guest-hosting on “Chelsea Lately” on E!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, CBS News


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