Oprah is Starting New Organic Produce Line

Oprah is now going to start her own organic product line, as she plans to turn 16 acres of her 1,000-acre property on Maui into farmland. 

"We realized if we could grow delicious food ourselves, we could share it. I grew up with a grandmother who was always growing things - everything that we ate came from our own little one acre, and to be able to have a full circle moment like this, not in Mississippi but in Maui, is fantastic," she said.

Oprah has hired natural resource management group Bio-Logical Capital to help with the harvest, which is said to include more than 100 species of fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

She is also giving away food to restaurants and charities. Oprah plans to donate 145 pounds of produce a week to people and places in need.

Sources: ICYDK


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