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Oprah, With No Make-Up, Shows off Wig Collection

Oprah Winfrey recently tweeted a picture of herself, without make-up, showing off her wig collection. She included the caption "me and my 'girls' in the make-up trailer" with her tweet.

Winfrey is currently in New Orleans, filming 'The Butler,' with Lenny Kravitz and Cuba Gooding Jr.

In the September issue of 'O,' she appears wearing her own hair (or is it a wig?).

In an article entitled 'What I Know For Sure,' Oprah says that she almost cut her hair short like Camille Cosby, reports the Daily Mail.

She wrote in the article: "I wanted to wear it close-cropped a la Camille Cosby but her husband Bill (Cosby) convinced me otherwise. 'Don’t do it. You’ve got the wrong head shape and you’ll disappoint yourself.' I took his advice."

"I even notice a change in my dogs when they get their summer cuts: they’re friskier and livelier, feeling more themselves once the weight of the hair is released."

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