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Oprah Lands First Interview With Mel Gibson Ex

Oprah has reportedly won the network tug-of-war over who would snag the first interview with Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva.

A source tells that the Big O has landed the coveted interview, and will help Grigorieva prise open the proverbial can of worms about her “rocky” relationship with Gibson.

Rocky? That’s being rather kind. Let’s be honest, it’s more like a car crash of a relationship. A total plate of hate.

60 Minutes had also reportedly tossed their hat in the ring in a bid to scoop the interview with Grigorieva. But nobody puts TV titan Oprah in the corner!

“Oksana’s camp is talking to at least one other major network in addition to CBS,” an insider said last week.

Added the source, Oksana has a very powerful story to tell, from emigrating to the United States from Russia, her marriage to Timothy Dalton, her music career and the volatile relationship with Mel Gibson.”

Major coup for Grigorieva and her well-oiled PR machine. That baby’s cooking on gas at the mo! But do we really need to hear more dirty deets about the baby mama drama?

Pffft, like it’s a question…


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