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No Joke: Sportsbooks Listing Odds on Oprah's Last Show Giveaways

Back in November of 2009, Oprah laid to rest all the rumors that had been surfacing in regards to her ending her long running daytime talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah made it official during a taping of the show, when she stated, “After much prayer, and months of careful thought, I’ve decided that next season — Season 25 — will be the last season of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’.” The news came as a shock to some, and with a heavy heart for all of her loyal fans that had been watching for more than 24 years.

On September 8, 1986, The Oprah Winfrey Show aired live from Chicago. As expected, the show was an instant success and has been ever since the very start of the show so many years ago. Oprah has touched the lives of everyone who has watched her show and even in a more special way for those who benefited personally from the show’s success. Oprah took advantage of the opportunity that had been handed to her and did many wonderful things with it over the years.

Oprah is better known and well deserving of her name as the Queen of Daytime Television. Oprah has given back just as many blessings as she has received over the years, and to people that had nothing to do with her success as a television personality. She has raised countless amounts of money for many charities and has personally donated  millions of dollars to people in need all over the world. She is a woman that is idolized and the prime example of what being a role model is all about. Everything she does is from the heart.

Oprah knows that without her loyal fans, her long time running talk show would not be as meaningful as it is today. Oprah does not hesitate to share some of her wealth with her studio audience and is well known for the lavish gifts she regularly gives out. As her time on daytime television will soon be coming to an end, everyone is expecting that Oprah will outdo her last giveaways and really give the audience something to cheer about. Online sportsbooks have compiled a list of items most likely to be given away during her last show. Those who are not fortunate enough to make it into the audience can still win by correctly guessing the give away through entertainment betting odds listed at online sportsbooks.

1K Gift Certificate           5/1
African Safari         9/1
Cable Subscription         3/1
Car         2/1
Charity Donation         2/1
Concert Tickets         45/1
Credit Card with 10k or more         25/1
Credit Card with less than 10k         20/1
Cruise Trip         5/1
Dinner at her house         80/1
Dinner with Tom Cruise         90/1
Electronics         12/1
Home Appliances         12/1
House         8/1
House Renovation         8/1
International Getaway         7/1
Jewelry         30/1
Luxury Bag         30/1
Magazine Subscription         3/1
Makeover         15/1
Oprahs Book of the Month Collection         3/1
Pet Grooming or Pet Spa         50/1
Television and Home Theater         12/1
Trip to Hawaii         6/1
Trip to White House to Meet President Obama         75/1
xyAny Other Gift         1/5
zyNo Gift         2/1


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