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'The One Show' Viewers Complain About Rita Ora's 'Boobs Hanging Out' (Photo)

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Hundreds of viewers complained to BBC that Rita Ora’s outfit on "The One Show" was too revealing, arguing that they didn’t want to “see her boobs hanging out” of her blazer.

The newest Voice UK judge was promoting the program on "The One Show" when she appeared in her low-cut white blazer. The outfit followed another equally daring wardrobe decision: a low-cut dress with a thigh-high slit at the launch of The Voice UK.

Writing on the BBC’s Point of View message board, one commenter said BBC should have a dress code and that Ora’s cleavage was inappropriate on a family program.

Ofcom, which regulates broadcasting and telecommunication in the U.K., also received a number of complaints regarding Ora’s attire. A spokesperson for the organization said the group was addressing complaints and evaluating cause for a potential investigation.

Other viewers of the show defended Ora.

“Seen more on a cold beach in Bournemouth in April,” one commenter wrote.

"The One Show" even responded to the controversy via Twitter.

“We’re sorry to those of you who were offended by Rita Ora’s choice of outfit on yesterday’s show,” the show tweeted. “If we had been consulted on it we would have requested she wore something more suitable for 7 p.m.”

A spokesperson for BBC said that "The One Show" allows guests to dress themselves, noting that pop stars often chose something glamorous or provocative. The spokesperson added that while most viewers simply expect such a display, the network appreciates that tastes vary.

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Sources: Mirror, DailyMail / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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