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One Direction Fan Allegedly Kills Dog After Band Doesn’t Follow Her On Twitter

A fan of the boy band One Direction allegedly killed her dog after all the members of the group ignored her requests that they follow her on Twitter. @illumivato wrote on August 29: “Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck.” Her tweet came with a picture of her holding her dog down on the floor by its neck.

The band receives millions of tweets a day so it is not surprising that the crazed fan’s message slipped through the cracks. Another message that she specifically sent to band member Liam Payne also did not garner a response, The Inquisitr reported. The message stated, “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died.”

Other fans of the band, “Directioners,” are so outraged by the young woman’s behavior that they have been urging Twitter to cancel her account and even created a petition. It has currently collected more than 2,500 signatures.

This is a portion of the petition:

“There is a person on twitter by the name of @Illumivato who is posting pictures of her killing her dog by snapping its neck to get more followers. She has pictures of animals in blenders, a dog with guns up to its head, a picture of her strangling (what looks to be her mom), a young boy with duct tape tied around arms on the ground, (and the list continues) basically implying that if she does not get more followers she will kill all of these beings. I need this to be looked at by the police, government, and if nothing else twitter.”

The girl's real name and location are unknown and One Direction yet to comment on the matter.


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Sources: The Inquisitr, Fox News


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