Björk Does Karaoke to Save Iceland Natural Resources

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What better way to fight the man than unleash a three-day karaoke marathon on the most magical day on the Icelandic calendar? That's exactly what Björk is doing to encourage her fellow Icelanders to sign a petition that would prevent the takeover of a local resources company by Canadian energy giant Magma.The Iceland Review reports that the pop star auspiciously chose folkloric holiday Threttándinn, or the day when supernatural spirits walk among humans, to stage a nationwide karaoke marathon to get the 35,000 signatures (or 15% of the population) needed to block the acquisition.

"Elves, hidden people, sportspeople, hobby musicians and professionals... everyone who cares for Iceland, come and join forces and perform a powerful ode to the nature of Iceland. Let's bring our natural resources back to us with song," [a press release] reads.

More than 20,000 people have already signed the petition, which states "Icelandic natural resources shall be owned and governed by the public." The karaoke marathon will continue until Saturday at midnight local time.

In other Björk news, Pitchfork reports that the singer has contributed a new three-minute instrumental to the nerdy iPad app Solar System. The song was adapted from her forthcoming Biophilia project. 


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