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Madonna's Tween Daughter has a Blog

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Hollluuurrr thurrrrr!!!!!!!! Guess what!!!!!! Madonna "Lola" Jr. -- now 13 -- has a blog to promote her new fashion line with Mom Madge, and while I'm sure she's going to catch a lot of shade for sounding like somewhat of a fool (no one's going to mistake her for wise-beyond-her-years Tavi Gevinson any time soon), I am head-over-heels in love with the unexpurgated tween realness of it all! In the blog, the littlest Material Girl weighs in on topic such as gladiator sandals (nay!), the '80s (yay, obvs!), and "rompers" which I guess are a thing now but which I had to Google yesterday because I had no idea what they were. (I was picturing something along the lines of footie pajamas but it turns out they're slightly different.)

While it's great for Little Lola to discuss fashion and everything, I anxiously await future blogs in which she discusses politics, music, art and everything else. Because despite her somewhat breathless style and liberal use of exclamation points, this girl is a genius! (Oh, and her mother is Madonna!)


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