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Levi Johnston to Run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?

Levi Johnston, the nearly-nude First Babydaddy of Alaska, is back up to his old tricks again. The Northern cutie's tireless quest for publicity since the 2008 election has had him "dating" comedienne Kathy Griffin, posing (peen-free) for Playgirl, doing a peanut commercial and getting re-engaged to his estranged girlfriend, virginal teen mom Bristol Palin, before quickly calling the wedding off again due to the fact that he supposedly impregnated someone else.

Now he's running for mayor of his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. And of course he's shopping a reality show about it. The show, to be inexplicably titled Loving Levi will "give us a real inside look into who he is as a father, a skilled hunter, an avid dirt biker and his journey down the road of small-town politics ... right after he gets his high school diploma," according to the production team.

[MTV via Crushable]


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