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2012 London Olympics Mascots: Cute or Creepy?

The official mascots for the 2012 London Olympic Games have been unveiled - and they're walking a fine line between cute and creepy. The mascots, two small robot-like creatures named Wenlock and Mandeville, appear in a new animated short movie released by London 2012.

The mascots are named for historic British Olympic-related locations: Much Wenlock is a village in Shropshire where an Olympic-like event took place in the 19th century, helping to inspire the modern incarnation of the Olympics. Mandeville is the hospital where the Paralympics were created.

Officials say that focus groups of children helped design Wenlock and Mandeville. The short movie explains their backstory: They were created from the last two drops of British steel used to make the Olympic stadium. George, a stadium worker who is about to retire, receives the steel as a farewell gift on his last day of work at the stadium. He takes it home to his workshop and makes Wenlock and Mandeville for his two grandchildren. A rainbow then arcs out of the sky and brings the two little creatures to life. Finally, Mandeville and Wenlock wave goodbye to the grandchildren and start off on their journey to the Olympics.

Check out the video below, and decide for yourself if the mascots are your cup of tea.


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