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Kirstie Alley Gets Caught Making Out with 21-Year-Old Romeo

Although he isn't going to win the coveted 'Dancing With the Stars' trophy, it looks like Romeo may have won something else. Kirstie Alley's heart.

The two were caught in a passionate lip lock outside of the 'Dancing' studios, raising some eyebrows. Could Alley, 60, literally have found her Romeo and be looking for love with her former co-star?

Sadly, no. The joke is on us. Alley took toTwitter to quickly squash any rumors that may have resulted when the photos emerged, saying "Romeo and I got bored today so we decided to put on a little freak show for the paps...... Hehe." She then later tweeted that it was "Romeos idea!... It was funny!"

Although they certainly would be a bit of an odd couple, you can't deny the passionate grasp Alley has on the young rapper. A relationship between these two could have been a May-December romance for the books, Romeo is only 21-years-old.


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