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Rats and Bedbugs Infest Wealthy "Gossip Girl" Neighborhood

The Upper East Side sure isn't what it used to be. Blair and Serena's posh stomping grounds has recently been beset with some very un-posh visitors: the neighborhood has become completely overrun by disgusting vermin and rich old ladies from 59th to 96th are quaking in their pearls!

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported on the terrifying Upper East Side Rat Takeover, with rats looting delis and destroying cars (perhaps stretch limousines!?) from the inside out. This week, New York Magazine tells us a terrifying tale of high-class bedbugs hooked on silk sheets and Dior gowns-- and the Upper East Side society matrons who are engaged in a secret battle to exterminate them.

But where did these pests come from? Everyone knows that the fabulously wealthy aren't supposed to have these problems! Could it be the wrath of Mrs. Astor?

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