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Gay Men's Publication Butt Magazine Goes on Hiatus

Uh oh. First we got the disturbing news that NEWSWEEK is getting sold, and now word is coming down from the Butt Powers That Be that the beloved magazine for gay artsy-fartsy types is "taking a break." I had a boyfriend who said that once!

Dear BUTT friend,

You may have noticed that BUTT magazine has been coming out more and more irregularly recently, and in fact we are taking a little break this year from the quarterly publication schedule, in order to develop the magazine's online presence and other BUTT projects. This means that a printed follow-up of the current issue (BUTT 28) is not expected until 2011. In the meantime we'll use this sabbatical from print as a welcome break to develop new exciting ideas and formats for BUTT, both online and off. Ideas and contributions are welcome as ever!

This August we'll be launching an updated and more versatile version of our popular website, - with more fun and functionality for readers and a new platform for BUTTHEADS, the digital community of BUTT lovers. Meanwhile, a follow-up of the delicious BUTT 2010 calendar is well on its way for 2011. Stay tuned!

For now, enjoy the spring and see you very soon!

Gert Jonkers, Jop van Bennekom - Amsterdam
Felix Burrichter, Adam Baran, Michael Bullock - New York

Ha ha, he said "Butt Projects." (Perhaps pooping qualifies?) But seriously, we wish Butt a speedy and healthy return!

[Via New York Observer]   


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