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Omarosa Avoids the Boardroom Again on ‘The Apprentice'

Omarosa manages to avoid the boardroom once again, on ‘The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’.  The reality star/villian was again on the losing team tonight, and the teams projectmanage Claudia Jordan said that Omarosa was the weakest member.  But, when Trump asked Jordan who she wanted to bring back to the boardroom, she chose Lil Jon and Dennis Rodman.

Trump, Arsenio and Don Jr. all agree that Claudia is afraid of Omarosa and that’s why nobody brings her back. They feel that if you cannot fight the good fight, then you have already lost in a way. Trump says that they all did very well and that he is shocked that Lil Jon is in the board room. Claudia says that Lil Jon is the marketing man and they lost so that’s why he had to come back to the room. But he also helped bring the brand out and he cannot explain why he is in the room.

Between losing the task and her poor decision not to bring back Omarosa -  The Donald FIRED Claudia!!

Last week, Omarosa also avoided the boardroom causing LaToya Jackson to get fired.  Omarosa had to leave the task because her late husband, Michael Duncan’s 911 call tape was being released – Read all about it HERE!!

Do you the think the Celebrity Apprentice cast is afraid to face Omarosa in the boardroom??


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