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Olivia Wilde’s Husband "Turned On" by Her Movie Love Scenes

“Tron: Legacy” actress Olivia Wilde says her husband Tao Ruspoli gets turned on when he watches her kiss other men on-screen.

Gorgeous actress Olivia Wilde says her husband enjoys watching her kiss her leading men in her movies.

Wilde said her husband Tao Ruspoli isn’t the jealous type and doesn’t mind her making out with her costars.

Wilde said: “I think he likes it. It’s a turn-on that I get to do these things.”

Olivia and her husband Tao, son of the late Italian Prince Dado Ruspoli, met when she was just 18 years old, and married after six months of dating.

Wilde, 26, says her marriage is a success because they don’t pressure themselves to be perfect.

Olivia told Women’s Health magazine: “You’re not thinking, ‘We must be perfect!’ It was, ‘Hey, isn’t this an optimistic thing to do? And if it lasts, we’re lucky.’ ”

Olivia also reveals she works hard on her body, especially for the new Tron movie.

She said: “I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week, weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal routine!”


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