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Caused by Mel Gibson? Picture of Oksana's Broken Teeth

I think we all pretty much knew this day was coming. The day Radar released the photo of Oksana's mouth and the damage that Mel Gibson's fist caused to said mouth. As bad as it is, I actually thought it was going to be much worse. It is nothing like Rihanna's face. However, the picture (click here for the picture) was also taken by Oksana's dentist, and he was focused on her teeth and not the rest of her face. So, it is really dark and hard to see if she has black eyes or any other bruising.

It is obvious she got clobbered. It looks like one veneer is missing and that another tooth is chipped. The fact that she is not missing entire teeth is probably the reason Mel's lawyers issued this a-holish statement when asked about missing teeth.

"Not true... her teeth are in her mouth, according to our information."

They are in her mouth, but he still punched her. She was still holding their baby. Oh, and get this. Even with all the tapes, the bruising of the baby, and the picture of Oksana's damage, the judge denied Oksana's request and Mel will still be allowed to see his baby anytime during the day and he gets one overnight visit per week. Huh? I don't know if the judge has a crush on Mel Gibson or what, but I would never let Mel be alone with that baby. Ever.


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