Scarlett Johansson Not Smart Enough for Sean Penn?

Scarlett Johansson wasn't smart enough for Sean Penn, according to the fantasy world that Sean Penn lives in (population: 1). A source told the National Enquirer:

"It was the last straw when Sean disparaged [Scarlett's] lack of education about politics and urged her to go to school. Scarlett loves him, but she had to end the romance because she felt she had no breathing room."

The May-December romance began to unravel when [Johansson] felt a little out of her depth intellectually when she recently attended a White House gala.

"A little out of her depth intellectually"? Is low confidence why she had sex in a bathroom that night?

That convinced Penn, 50, that the pillow-lipped beauty -- who never attended college -- needed to get more education. Back in 2003, she had applied for New York University's arts program but was rejected.

"Sean suggested Scarlett take a political science course," revealed an insider, "and it rubbed her the wrong way. She's a free spirit and just became fed up with him trying to take over every aspect of her life - from career choices and work habits to people she associated with."

Is this guy actually telling someone else they should study more about politics? Pot meet kettle. That's like Kirstie Alley telling someone they should go on a diet or Lindsay Lohan preaching about AA. Sean Penn's views on politics are so out of whack, Scarlett should consider herself lucky she got out when she did. Otherwise, she'd have found herself becoming a commie or perhaps something even more despised in Hollywood -- a republican.


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