Officials Tell California Family To Scale Back $60K Treehouse (Video)


Mike Splinter's 500-square-foot treehouse in Granite Bay, California, includes a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and working plumbing.

However, authorities are telling Splinter and his wife Pat to scale back their $60,000 treehouse, which has appeared on the Animal Planet TV show "Treehouse Masters," notes the Associated Press.

Officials in Placer County, California, have told to Splinter to remove the kitchen and mattress from the “Christmas Candy Kitchen Treehouse," which was constructed by treehouse builder Pete Nelson (video below).

"They can use it for entertaining," Placer County deputy planning director E.J. Ivaldi told the Sacramento Bee. "What the county approved was a residential accessory structure. For the purpose of them being able to do a TV show, they were allowed to build a kitchen with the understanding that the kitchen would come out."

The Splinters have not decided what their next move will be.

Sources: Sacramento Bee, Associated Press
Image Credit: Sacramento Bee Screenshot


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