'The Office' Finishes Final Episode


The cast of The Office have just finished filming their final episode. Despite being a US remake of a British sitcom, the show quickly established itself as one of the best written and best acted comedies on telly. Some might even argued it surpassed the original at times, in that it allowed its characters to be likeable and believable, widening it to be about more that just the socially inept boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) – and ultimately to not need him at all.

That said, it doesn’t feel like a premature end. This final season has worked hard to recapture the spirit of the early series, but we find it hard to care about the soap opera elements, such as Pam and Jim’s marriage or Andy and Erin’s unlikely relationship.

We will miss Creed though. He may only have one line per episode but it’s always incongruously marvelous.

And without giving away any spoliers. It was kind of sad to see the recent scenes that were obviously intended to introduce Dwight's spin-off series. A series that didn't get commissioned. It's probably for the best though. The world doesn't need a modern version of The Beverly Hillbillies.


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