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My fellow gamers, if you have been looking for a new and fresh online channel to catch up on all things gaming and geek; a channel made for gamers by gamers, then I suggest you look up Node Studios on YouTube. Node Studios is bringing you video game coverage and other tech and geek related items that definitely appeal to gamers out there. From LAN Party to trailer mash-ups to a quick news blurbs from some of gamings most respected personalities, Node Studios is looking to bring the gaming world to the masses on YouTube in new and entertaining ways.

Here is just a quick run down of some of the web-shows you can find of the Node Studios YouTube channel:

LAN Party with FreddieW and Corridor Digital

Freddie and Brandon from FreddieW and Niko and Sam from Corridor Digital will look to bring you exclusive coverage of new and popular games from the comfort of their own LAN equiped playground. In the first episode of LAN Party, the LP crew take a multiplayer look at the new Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion pack. Watch as the guys play through the expansion and berate each other as they show why this new pack is worth the purchase.

TAGGED Starring Ethan Newbury & Toby Turner

Each episode, Ethan Newbury or Toby Turner will bring to viewers three of the best, or worst, gaming related videos from around the web. In their own words, the videos will either be awesome (Tagged), Bad ass (Fragged) or hilarious (Lagged). These videos are sent in by viewers and the duo will then choose the best from the submitted videos to present to their viewers.

VG Medley

Taking today’s hottest tracks and blending them with some of the best scenes from popular video games, VG Medley is Node Studios’ take on music videos for gamers. In the premiere episode, Bass Union takes scenes from Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 and mixes it with Murder Machine by Bare + Marc Instinct (ft. Dieselboy) to create a well blended track with some of the best beats out there.

Trailer Mashups!

The best way to describe this channel is to just look at the name of this show. You take a popular, new or upcoming game, like say Dead Space 3, and mash it up with some of the most popular movie trailers out there right now, like say Prometheus, and see what you get. The first two episodes in this series feature Dead Space 3 and Prometheus (duh!) and Brave and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Check it out for some fun videos.

My gaming brethen, this new channel looks like it is onto something special as it pertains to gamers around the world. Node Studios on YouTube is something that the gaming community should definitely jump onboard if they really want some new and quality entertaining programming across the internet.

Check them out at the Node Studios YouTube channel to support this new endeavor in video gaming entertainment. And be sure to follow Node Studios on Twitter and Like them on Facebook for more gaming fun.


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