Katy Perry: No Sex With Russell Brand Till Marriage

Russell Brand won’t be asking soon-to-be-missus Katy Perry to ink a pre-nuptial agreement, because he thinks it would tarnish their big day.

As we reported earlier, Brand and Perry are set to tie the knot this weekend (23rd) in India.

According to sources, guests, including pals Rihanna, former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, David Walliams and UK talk show host Jonathan Ross, will be flown out for the week-long celebrations.

And now Brand tells the New York Magazine that the shindig will be a “normal” affair, which means no Hello! magazine photo deals, and no pre-nup.

“I’m trying to preserve and make it a beautiful thing… Really, love between two people is the most spectacular and ordinary thing in the world… I want to make our wedding just about me and her loving each other and we’re getting married in front of our friends and family and keeping it normal, he revealed.

“So it ain’t selling the pictures, ain’t doing no pre-nup. (But) it’s like a normal thing. It’s hard to make it normal because there’s this inflation of this toxic gas of celebrity billowing into it.”

‘Sex ban’


Perry has apparently put a sex ban in place until the couple get hitched this weekend.

A snitch told The Sunday Mirror: “Katy wants everything to be special for their wedding, including the first night. The sex ban was definitely her idea.”

Blimey, Brand will be chewing the skirting boards!

The snitch adds: “Russell has reluctantly agreed, and they are sure it will be worth it after they have tied the knot.”

Oh, I am sure it will!


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