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No More 'Toy Story' Sequels

Despite what we told you about Tom Hanks having signed up for a fourth film in the Toy Story saga, there are now far more convincing rumours floating around Silicon Valley that say there’s not going to be another Toy Story film. So we’re going to believe those until we hear differently. It’s not like there’s a gap in the Pixar schedule for a considerable chunk of our future lifetime, anyway.

So that’s that. In many ways we think it’s a shame. With a bit of imagination there could’ve been another great film, since the end of 3 pretty much resets everything. And the short films have all been brilliant. We’d have liked to have seen maybe lots of short stories woven into one film – like a plastic Pulp Fiction.

There is one more Toy Story short on the way - Toy Story Of Terror to be broadcast on TV at Halloween. Maybe they all die in it.

Before that we’ve got Finding Nemo 3D and Monsters University. In May of 2014 we get the untitled Dinosaur movie. In the summer of 2015 Pete Docter’s film set inside a human mind will be released, possibly called Inside Out. At some point in the future we’ll see the untitled film about Dia de los Muertos, which still seems like the most uncommercial subject they’ve ever tackled. And then…. Finding Nemo 2.

Also this year, via Disney rather than Pixar, will be Planes – set in the same universe as Cars.

There was going to be a Pixar film called Newt but that appears to have been shelved. It was about Newts.

We've read some recent Internet moanings about Pixar relying too much on sequels lately. That doesn’t add up. Of the 10 original feature films they’ve released so far, only four of them have had or are getting sequels/prequels. The remaining 6 films are standalone stories with no talk of continuing the franchise. Add to that three more upcoming original stories and… you do the mathematics.

STOP PRESS: As soon as we published this we saw news that Roger Rabbit author Gary K Wolf is working with Disney/Pixar to develop a film called Stooge - which will be a musical buddy comedy starring Roger and Mickey Mouse. That sounds made up. But it isn't.


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