Nissan to Give Away Car Inspired by Batmobile


Nissan plans to give away a Batman-themed Juke in a competition that celebrates the DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises. The car, equipped with 'bat' detailing and a 'shark fin' antenna, is reminiscent of the Batmobile.

The car also has black matte paint, aluminum bat badges on the front grille and tailgate, kick plates and suede sports seats.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have the ability to fire off cannons and doesn't have a jet engine to hurl it over wide gaps. It also doesn't have an escape vehicle or bulletproof plating. 

While this Batmobile is a little more stripped down, it is far from a boring rendition of the Caped Crusader's mode of transportation.

It has a 1.6 litter turbo-charged engine and puddle lamps mounted on the undersides of the door mirrors which project the bat symbol down on the road. 

This customized Juke Nismo was designed by Nissan Design Europe in London's Paddington to celebrate its relationship with Warner Bros.

Juke Nismo was released two years ago and won praise around the world. In March of 2013, the newest model will be available. 

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