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"Hairspray" Star Nikki Blonsky: Skinny and Plus-Size People Face Same Issues

We've been seeing and hearing about Nikki Blonsky starring in the upcoming ABC series "Huge," which follows the lives of seven teens and the staff at a weight loss camp. However, talking about the show isn't the only thing Nikki is promoting. She wants to get the message across that just because someone isn't skinny, that doesn't mean that they aren't people too.

Most of America doesn't have the money to have a trainer 24/7 and a meal service to bring you meals, because if they did, we'd all be a size 2,” Blonsky said to “And that would just be too perfect.”

Hhhmm, not sure how I feel about this comment. I mean I know plenty of skinny women who don't have trainers or meal services - some of them don't even work out! And, I think a "HUGE" misconception is that you need those things to be a size 2, scratch that, healthy. Forget about sizes, why don't we just focus on being healthy, and what ever size you are for your genetic makeup, height, etc. is what should count. Blonsky goes on to say:

Every single issue skinny people go through, plus-size people go through, too,” Blonsky said. “We're all human beings, and we have to remember that our looks are something that are only with us for a certain time. It’s our spirit that people will remember us for as time goes on and we grow older.”

On one hand, I can understand what she's trying to say, because a problem is a problem no matter what size you are, what your ethnicity is, or how much money you have or don't have - but I would like her to elaborate on  what issues there are that every single one of them would be the same for plus-size or skinny people? I doubt that. There are definitely issues that plus-size people experience that a skinny person may never, and vice versa. Doesn't mean that anyone is better, but there are differences.

So, FitCeleb readers, what do you think?


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