Nicolette Sheridan’s Lawsuit Ends in Mistrial


The jury deliberating in the Nicolette Sheridan case against her employer's ended in a hung jury so a mistrial was declared. While that may sound like defeat it isn't completely. At least not yet. The jurors were 8 to 4 in her favor and her lawyer is going to ask for another trial. One more vote in her favor and she would have won.

A lot of people think Sheridan is just sour grapes over being fired. It makes you wonder doesn't it? Why would she go to all the trouble? Is she that bitter? That angry? It's hardly worth it unless you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are right. And then you need to convince a jury! But TMZ reports that in these cases, the jury almost always sides with the celebrity. Maybe next time around?

While you always hope the truth comes out in cases like this, it doesn't always does it? Either way it took big cahoney's on her part to make a stand for what she believed was right. She seemed to be standing alone.


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