Nicolette Sheridan Supported by Ex 'Desperate Housewives' Writer


Testimony today in the Nicolette Sheridanlawsuit against Desperate Housewives' creator Marc Cherry and ABC was dealt a blow when former writer Lori Kirkland Baker took the stand and denied there had been a plan in place to kill of Sheridan's character Edie Britt all along. This testimony directly contradicts Cherry's who claimed her character wasn't killed off as retribution for a physical altercation that took place where he 'allegedly' bitch-slapped Sheridan. He's saying the plan was in place all along since May 22, 2008.

Baker wrote for the show from 2007 to 2009 (earning $648,000 per season) and she left the show as she was allegedly mistreated by Cherry. Methinks there is a pattern here. She claimed the kill order came on December 3:

"It started with Marc coming in quickly and asking the assistants to leave … and telling staff that he had just gotten permission from (ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson) to kill off Edie Britt," 

Baker was intimately involved in writing for the show and in particular Edie's character so if anyone is going to know the 'when' of her demise, one would think it would be her, right? As well she has a lot to lose by testifying against Cherry and ABC doesn't she? So does Nicolette. Unless these women are insane, or incredibly vindictive, one would have to conclude they are telling the truth and want to see justice.

It takes big cahoney's to stand up against powerful people when the majority are going to suck up to them regardless of the truth.

Baker further stated that executive producer John Pardee also confirmed the December finalization of the character's demise. The December timeframe is two months after the physical altercation took place.

Sheridan filed her $6 million lawsuit in April 2010.

You have to wonder if the truth (whatever it may be) will ever come out?


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