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Nicole Richie's Probation Extended Another Year

This morning, a judge ordered that Nicole Richie's probation for a DUI conviction be extended for a year. It seems that Nicole did not finish her required alcohol education programs. She had permission from the program to miss time, because of the fact that she gave birth and has been raising her two kids.

I don't have a problem with that part of it. I mean, when you have two kids or are pregnant trying to raise another child, time is short. The same courtesies are given to lots of working mothers in the same situation.

My issue is that I have seen pictures of Nicole all over the world promoting her fashion line, and at events and other things which would seem to take a whole lot more time than a few alcohol classes. No mention of any of that, though.

I think the fact that she tends to only have positive news reports about her and her charity work and everything else is what makes her be able to escape some of the wrath that would follow someone like Lindsay, who you get the feeling is doing everything she can to avoid taking any responsibility for her actions.


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