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Is Nicole Kidman Acting Like a Diva?

Nicole Kidman is apparently a diva on-set.

Showbiz Spy reports that on the set of her new movie Stoker in Nashville, Kidman isn’t the most popular person with the set. A source claims “Nicole is a real witch, and they’ve nicknamed her ‘Ice Princess.’”

It seems, “No one’s even allowed to speak to her, except for primary cast members, the directors or producers.”

For example, “The other day she requested a glass of water and was furious when the person brought her water with ice in it. ‘I don’t drink ice water,’ Nicole bellowed, demanding a room temperature refill. Everyoe’s walking around on eggshells to make sure ‘Her Majesty’ is not displeased.”

In addition, “In another bizarre incident, a prop person moved an umbrella she was using in a scene from one side of a table to the other. When they began to rehearse the scene, Nicole threw a fit over the minor repositioning and read the poor guy the riot act!”

Do you think there’s any truth to Nicole being a diva?


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