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Nicolas Cage Sells Action Comics No. 1 for $2 Million

Nic Cage made roughly $2 million last week by selling one of his rare comic books. Sweet, maybe that means he won't feel the need to make a sequel to [insert shitty Nic Cage movie here]. From Contact Music:

The actor put 'Action Comics No. 1" -- which features the debut of Superman in popular culture and is believed to be one of only 100 left in existence -- in an online auction, in which 50 people bid on the item.

The comic -- which was graded at 9.0, making it the best condition of an "Action No. 1" that has ever been graded by the leading comic book grading company, Certified Guaranty Company -- eventually sold for $2,161,000.

He originally bought his copy at auction in 1997 for around $150,000.

Nic bought the comic for $150K and is now selling it for $2.1 million? Nice. But you know who's even happier about that than him? The IRS. If you've read the reports over the past few years, it's obvious Nic's selling this comic because he needs the money. Another clue that Nic needs money? The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010), Season of the Witch (2011), and Drive Angry (2011). Even Adam Sandler thinks those movies sucked.


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