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Bloody Fight: Trainer Punched Unstable Weston Cage in Face 13 Times

British newspaper The Daily Mail has published photos of Nicolas Cage arriving at the restaurant where his son Weston had just gotten into a bloody fight with his trainer. The photos show Cage talking to paramedics and getting into an ambulance to ride with his injured son to the hospital.

Weston became combative after his trainer, Kevin Villegas, said he couldn't eat certain food at the Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood. Weston tried to kick Villegas, and Villegas ended up punching Weston 13 times. TMZ reported that Weston was beaten to "a bloody pulp."

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Weston was taken to a mental hospital after the fight, and may be placed on what's called a 5150 hold. That's what Britney Spears was placed under when she had her infamous meltdown - it happens when doctors believe a person is a danger to himself or others. 

Weston now wants to bring charges against Villegas, but it may be a hard case for him to win, since he allegedly started the fight. Los Angeles police are looking into the incident. TMZ's also reporting that an argument with his wife may have precipitated Weston's meltdown.

Weston's mother, Christina Fulton, says the incident is indirectly Nicolas Cage's fault. She's currently filing suit against him for "abusing and traumatizing" Weston during his childhood. She alleges that Weston has had "mental, psychological, and physical ailments" since childhood, including Tourette's.

Weston is still in hospital.


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