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Weird: Nicolas Cage Only Eats Animals That Have "Dignified" Sex

Nicolas Cage has revealed a rather unusual quirk about his eating habits: He’ll only eat meat from animals if he likes the way they have sex.


The eccentric star says he doesn’t touch pork because he doesn’t approve of the way they procreate.

He tells The Sun:

“I love all animals – I have a fascination with fish, birds, whales – sentient life – insects, reptiles.

“I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified with sex, so are birds – but pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl.”

Oh, Cagey-boy! You really are as mad as a bag of snakes.

Still, we’re beginning to embrace your eccentric ways. He recently named his son Kal-El (He LOVES Superman), bought a nice pyramid to be dead in, a dinosaur skull and…there’s always this (what’s claimed to be a snap of Cage’s costume test for Tim Burton’s doomed take on Superman). LOL!

Watch the trailer for Cage’s new movie Bad Lieutenanthere.


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