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Nicki Minaj, Welcome to the Hip-Hop Game

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By Brando

I once knew a girl named Nikki, you could say she was a sex fiend."

That one Prince lyric summed up my entire thought about Nicki Minaj as an emcee, voice of a generation and Young Money eye candy. The female Busta Rhymes was all fire and little lyrics, highly animated and caused many a ruckus in my fantasies. As animatronic as she felt on the microphone, there wasn’t anything behind those multiple hair changes and allegations of silicone on top and bottom, at least in my opinion.

Then she decided to get high praise from Kanye West as the second best rapper ever behind Eminem and used the “Scenario” tactic to prove to everyone once and for all that she can indeed – body the boys on a track.

I’m quite assured you’ve heard "Monster", that first official leak from Kanye’s proposed G.O.O.D. Friday (hey, rappers are actually starting to keep up with their promises!). It’s a solid track, save for Rick Ross mumbling his ass off. The mystique of the Jay-Z feature wore its welcome out when he first starting making the comeback rounds about four years ago. Now it’s expected, just like Kanye reclaiming top dog status as the go to rapper in the game like its 2007 all over again. But Nicki?

Good grief.

Yeah, “Massive Attack” made me cringe and “Your Love” Is a about as pop tart sweet as drenching a full course meal in nothing but sugar but the verse Nicki dropped here trumped every single mixtape, guest verse and lead single she’s ever done. Period. The only thing higher in the history that is Nicki Minaj would be the Complex backshots they’ve given us throughout the years.

The Lauryn Hill comparisons must cease. I understand that was the last female emcee to do critical work that was lauded from end to end but this is a woman who doesn’t necessarily speak for the advancement of suffrage. It’s the same woman who wanted to put her lovebox on some mutton chops for goodness sakes.

Regardless of her persona, a largely created one that people are drawn towards for inexplicable reasons, Nicki officially has a place in the game now. Its not just the chick who swiped a Lil Kim pose and oozes sex appeal but an actual femcee who actually might have a debut CD appreciated by us gatekeepers.

Or possibly a CD insert that turns into someone's bedroom poster.



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