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Is Nicki Minaj a Diva?

Nicki Minaj‘s diva demands have been revealed.  Let’s just say she likes her water a certain way and is very particular.

The magazine Wonderland revealed a list of demands including: dried cranberries, raw almonds and 24 bottles of Dasani water bottles – 12 at room temperature, 12 on ice. Minaj also needs Snapple, Red Bull, assorted fruit juices, Simply Lemonade, a fruit platter, a cheese platter, a deli tray, three packs of gum, salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green olives, Wishbone Light Italian dressing, Bumble Bee tuna in water and wheat or low-fat crackers.

But the “Super Bass” rapper’s favorite food is spicy fried chicken, “lots of wings” to be precise. Strictly “no thighs” allowed.

Those were her edible requests, her non-edible ones include: two dozen pink or white roses, candles with the scent of baked goods, Halls Mentho-Lyptus Honey Lemon Throat Cough Drops, contact lenses solution with case, two space heaters and a cool mist humidifier.

Do you think she’s a Diva in the making? Or already there?


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