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Nick Nolte's Rep Denies Rumors Star Has Entered Rehab

A representative for Nick Nolte says the actor hasn't checked into rehab in Germany, despite what the National Enquirer claims. 

The tabloid reported that Nolte, 69, had entered the Privatklinik in Dornstetten-Hallwangen, Germany, on May 18. His girlfriend, personal trainer Clytie Lane, was with him. According to a "source" who spoke to the Enquirer, "Nick looked like death warmed over when he checked in. He reeked of alcohol and was obviously going through a heavy withdrawal, shaking and trembling. He was in really, really bad shape.”

Nolte's spokesperson, Arnold Robinson, says Nolte did nothing of the sort. Robinson tells WENN, "Mr. Nolte has not and did not check in to a rehab facility."

Nolte was last in rehab in 2002, after he was arrested for driving under the influence of GHB, the "date rape" drug. His disheveled mugshot quickly became an Internet favorite. Of GHB, he said, "I've been taking it for four years and I've never been raped." He was given three years' probation for his DUI conviction, in addition to undergoing periodic random drug testing.


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