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Nick Hogan & Tila Tequila An Item!?

Tila Tequila and Nick Hogan! That's right! These two might be an unlikely pairing, but considering they are both reality stars, why not?

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via RadarOnline,

"Tila and Nick spent a lot of time together both on and off the set and totally hooked up," a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline exclusively.

"Nick went into Tila's trailer a lot and whenever they were in there the door was locked!"

"There was some major chemistry going on between them and even though they tried to hide it, everyone on the set knew what was going on," the source says.

"They were constantly together, sneaking off and being affectionate when they thought no one was looking."

Tila is 29 years-old while Nick is just 20 years-old -- maybe she's robbing the cradle like Nick's mom did!

What do you think about this pairing?



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