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Nick Cannon Dodges Mariah Carey Pregnancy Questions

Mariah Carey: Is she or isn’t she? Don’t look to Nick Cannon for an answer.

Following fevered reports that MiMi’s in the pudding club, Cannon has refused to speculate on the talk.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it time and time again – when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her,” Cannon said during his radio show on New York’s 92.3 FM yesterday.

“We all know that it’s extremely personal for a woman to deal with the idea of child birth. We know we are public figures, but that’s something that you want to keep near and dear until you’re 100 per cent certain.”

Which, to be fair, is any parent-to-be’s prerogative. But will that stop us gossiping? That’s a negative, brother.


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