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Nicholas McCarthy a One-Handed Pianist Who Defied Doubters

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At an age when many young people are just starting a career, 23-year-old pianist Nicholas McCarthy has authored an album, has been recognized by the International AMI awards and will play for the prime minister of Malta this coming weekend. 

Born with only one hand, McCarthy graduated from the Royal College of Music in London despite a childhood filled with rejection from numerous music school officials. Many of them looked at his disability and simply refused to even offer him an audition.

Their loss.

The LA Times reports that after finishing his undergraduate studies at the Royal College, McCarthy remains a talent -- and the school's only one-handed pianist. Recently, he has been accepted into their Master Performance Postgraduate program. 

Interviewed by BBC, the left-handed McCarthy recalled the obstacles he faced as an aspiring pianist. "It was soul-crushing because that's all I wanted to do. I could feel it would be an uphill struggle, but it made me more determined. I'm quite a stubborn character."

Due to his one-hand situation, McCarthy has mastered left-handed songs such as “Piano Concerto of the Left Hand” by Ravel and “Prelude and Nocturne” by Scriabin. 

The pianist desires to someday inspire individuals, play at Carnegie Hall in New York and land a recording contract.


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