Was Son Weston's Meltdown Nic Cage's Fault?


So, you know the guy that got into a fight with Weston Cage last week? Well, in addition to being the trainer for Weston, he has also been the assistant to Nic Cage for the past five years. Talk about a guy with a high stress job. How many times do you think this guy has been yelled at the past five years? I cannot wait until he leaves and tries to write a tell all book. I am sure Nic will try and shut that down but there should be plenty that leaks out. I bet it would be fantastic.

Anyway, when Weston went missing after the fight with his new wife, TMZ says that Nic sent the trainer to find Weston and bring him home. The guy found Weston, told him his dad wanted him to come home and that is when Weston got violent. The trainer feared for his life because Weston is a trained fighter. Uh huh. So, when Weston lashed out the trainer got beat him down.


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