Next on Reality TV: Virgin Auction


I expect liberal feminists won't mind this, since New York Post, today:

A reality show that promises to sell off 3 virgins to the highest bidder is - to say the least - raising a storm of controversy on 2 sides of the Pacific....

The show is the brainchild of an Australian filmmaker, Justin Sisley [pictured above], and will be made for TV there. But, as of yesterday, the show was set to be filmed in NV.

The 3 virgins - 2 women and 1 man - are to be paid $20k each plus 90% of their "sale price" to take part in the auction, according to a

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Technically, that would be classified as prostitution.

"But it's not going to be a regular thing, so in my head I can justify that I'm not going to be a prostitute," she said. "I don't think I'll regret it."

The male virgin, identified only as Alex [pictured left], said he volunteered for the show as a way to meet a woman.

Sisley says the parents of the young people involved "hate me."

According to the casting notice, the show entails "our camera follow[ing] the principal cast... as they shed their virginity to a complete stranger in front of a worldwide audience."

Flyers of the Virgin Mary, with the words "Virgins Wanted," were posted in several Australian cities in recent months, seeking applicants.


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