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Next Hip-Hop Revolution: G.O.O.D. Music

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By Jacques "Jooks" Morel

Last week I declared it necessary to make statements in Hip Hop.

If you did not read it, you can read it here.

Continuing this week I start with a discussion of the obvious.

In most historical revolutions a statement is made which sparks the powder keg of tension before a coup. It is hard to spot when a revolution is on its way but when it is over it sure is felt. It starts small but eventually grows into the norm. Eventually people revolt against it based on it becoming the status quo; the long dick of supply and demand.

An example? When 50 Cent dissed Ja Rule back in 2001, he made a statement. He declared that rappers singing on tracks was WACK and that Ja Rule was not cool for doing it. How stupid does that sound? Ridiculous right? But you fell for it. You yourself had been getting tired of Ja Rule’s voice but you, like most, are a sheep. Until someone else declares it law, you won’t DO it.

Then 50 told you what you wanted to do already: take a break from Ja Rule. That spark ignited the G-Unit revolution. They controlled everything from Music down to those dumb ass tank tops.
Get it? Now…there is another revolution on the way…I can hear it…I CAN SEE IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. A STORM IS COMING PEOPLE!

And of course it is our *new* favorite Batman and Robin, Jordan and Pippen, Mariano and Jeter and the new Meth & Red, Ghost and Rae…Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

The G.O.O.D Music revolution is fastly approaching and was already sparked last week during Kanye’s press spree. Now it will be debated at which point the statement was made but it will be absolute in its effect. My personal choice would be the “Power” painting. You can read why here.

Kid Cudi has generated a rabid fan base who revel over him in many ways. Cudi’s fans are more hardcore than most; reminiscent of Eminem fans in the early 00’s. Finding life reference points in his music have incurred his fans to have dedication like non-other.

The new song, “Mr Rager” is a hit…and so is “Erase Me”…and “Wylin Cuz I’m Young”…everything he has put out recently is fire. Already he surprised the Hip Hop world by selling so many copies in the first week. Now he is to surprise us again. While Kanye will do as expected, his running mate will shock, intrigue, and entrance. With these two on the front lines, G.O.O.D. music will be on its way. Big Sean anyone? Pusha T? CyHi the Prince?


"Man on the Moon Pt. 2"…400k In the first week? I’m callin’ it now.



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