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Is New York Yankees' Player Derek Jeter Dating Model Hannah Davis?

Yankee player, Derek Jeter likes his models. Being a multi-millionaire, sports legend helps him get the latest, hottest models out there. The newest model to come through his revolving door of dates is Hannah Davis, a “rookie” Sports Illustrated model.

The Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis was spotted with Derek Jeter at a restaurant in New York. According to the NY Post, it looked like a date.

Jeter has dated many celebrities including Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and his most recent girlfriend, Minka Kelly. Kelly was one of the longest relationships Jeter has had, dating for more than three years.

Davis appeared for the first time in this year’s swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated with Kate Upton on the cover, and a cover line calling Davis a “dreamy rookie.”

Davis joined Upton and the bathing beauties on David Letterman last night reading the Top 10 list.


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