New York Sidewalk Has Two Lanes - One for New Yorkers, One for Tourists


Have New Yorkers become so fast paced and caught up in their own "rat race" that Manhattan requires a divided sidewalk, one side for tourists, and one side for New Yorkers?! According to the New York Post, a line divides a sidewalk on Fifth Avenue; one lane is clearly marked "New Yorkers," and the other is marked "Tourists."

Being a New Yorker, and having worked in the city, I can definitely attest to being slowed down by tourists taking pictures or stopping in the middle of the block to pull out a map. Having worked in Rockefeller Center, during Christmas time, it can literally take you up to ten minutes just to walk one block - but should we be divided? 

How this line will be enforced, I don't know. Would you abide by this "sidewalk rule?"


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