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New Sexual Molestation Accusations Made Against Michael Jackson

Four years after Michael Jackson passed away, new sexual molestation accusations are being made against him. The allegations are being made by Wade Robson, who spent several years as a child at Neverland Ranch with Jackson.

"Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he [Wade] collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child," Robson's lawyer Henry Gradstein told TMZ. "He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Gradstein alleges that Jackson told Robson, "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives" and “our lives will be ruined forever.”  

"This kind of intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse - often for a lifetime," Gradstein continues. "Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it."

For years, Robson denied that Jackson ever molested him and even testified in his 2005 molestation trial that Jackson never had any inapproriate contact with him. Robson claims that he had repressed the memories from the abuse.

Robson has filed a creditor's claim against the Jackson estate asking for damages, which the Jackson estate and his 2005 molestation lawyer Tom Mesereau, have slammed.

"Mr. Robson's claim is outrageous and pathetic," Jackson's estate lawyer, Howard Weitzman told TMZ. "This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him. Now, nearly four years after Michael has passed, this sad and less than credible claim has been made. "We are confident that the court will see this for what it is."

"Michael never touched Robson inappropriately in any way," Mesereau told TMZ.


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