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New Reality TV Series 'Naked and Afraid' Strips Contestants of Clothes (Video)

A new reality show "Naked and Afraid," premiering on the Discovery Channel this Friday, features contestants dropped in a jungle without food, water, or clothing. 

Each week, one man and one woman must survive for 21 days, with nothing but one personal item each.

The trailer (video below) says that humans can only go three days without water and the human body will shut down after three weeks without food.

While the series does include nudity, the contestants' private parts are blurred out, notes the New York Daily News.

However, the production team doesn't see the "naked" part as being exploitative.

Producer Denise Contis told "Well, we didn’t develop the show to be exploitative, ever. We always developed it with our filter being 'how do we protect and it make it a pure survival experience?'"

The contestants have to kill fish and snakes to survive, while stuck in countries such as Panama, Costa Rica and Borneo.

One contestant, Kellie Nightlinger, told the New York Daily News that she was able to catch fish using her private parts as bait and grabbing the fish between her legs.

‘We needed something with protein and because the water was so muddy, traditional fishing methods wouldn’t work, so I had to improvise, adapt and overcome,’ said Nightlinger.

"The idea here is to push the ball down the field," said Discovery channel executive Craig Coffman. "Having no clothes just takes it to the next level. It’s the ultimate test and makes survival exponentially more difficult."

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